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Spatial Business Intelligence

With Business Intelligence you have the ability to use data in a meaningful manner for the expansion and increased profitability of your business. When you look at your data there is often a spatial or location aspect that is relevant to your decisions, whether based on cost, territories or other analyses.

 Taking businesses to the next level


Our BI products are capable of taking businesses to the next level of profitability and production. Clients are regularly reporting that our Spatial BI products will be able to get you the results YOU need in a quarter of the time it would normally take.

The reason for this is simple: our solutions are not only cost effective but also user friendly – for the novice & the professional user​. Some other GIS and Spatial Analysis solutions require months of training just to begin using them. Ours is based on a gradient of understanding. In a few days you will up and running. In a few weeks you will become a pro in the use of them. As you progress and your skillset becomes more advanced you will be able to out-perform even the most advanced users of other software solutions in a fraction of the time.

Demographics data and other datasets.


For Business Analysts, New Business Managers and clients involved in any sector where routing, mapping, locating or analysing is required this is a must. We ensure that our clients are consistently making better decisions, reducing costs and increasing their turnovers. Our solutions handle successfully the following areas:

Mapping and Theming.

Spatial Analytics.

Spatial Storyboards and Dashboards.


Demographics data and other datasets.

Gap analysis and finding opportunities.

Efficient planning, route optimization and territory planning.

Reporting in a fraction of the time.

SpatialBI is used successfully by the following professions:

  • Data Analyst
  • BI Manager
  • Sales & Marketing Analyst
  • Sales & Operations Manager
  • Logistics Planner
  • Route to Market Specialist
  • Distribution Manager
  • Market Analyst
  • Market Research Specialist
  • GIS Specialist
  • Information Specialist
  • Engineer
  • Mining Operators
  • And more…